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journalism professor: a teacher at a college or university who teaches the craft of journalism

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About the High School Journalism Initiative

hsj.org logoSince 2000, the High School Journalism Initiative has sparked and sustained youth journalism across media platforms. Our efforts grow a diverse generation of fledgling, multimedia journalists. Just as important, we help convey to all students a deeper appreciation of the First Amendment, news literacy, reading, and critical thinking skills. Journalism skills are valuable assets to young people, no matter what their career path.


  • my.hsj.org

    Free online hosting and content management system for youth-generated news, Connected to more than 3,800 student news outlets. My.hsj.org hosts stories, blogs, photos, video, audio and other multimedia journalism.
    • Got News? Get clicks! contest
      gives out CASH PRIZES every month to the five school media organizations that we host online that generate the highest monthly traffic to their sites between the beginning of the month and the end of the month.
  • The National Edition of my.hsj.org

    A widely viewed weekly collection of teen journalism published on the site. This coveted recognition is given out by experts in the field to thoughtful, well rounded journalism produced for the site. It is posted on Mondays during the school year. Students whose work is recognized are eligible for a certificate of merit. Sign up for a weekly RSS feed during the school year.
  • hsj.org

    The go-to education site for K-12 journalists, their teachers and advisers, guidance counselors and journalist-mentors. If you care about youth journalism — learning it, teaching it, creating it — please bookmark this site.
  • The Reynolds High School Journalism Institute

    The Institute is an intensive two-week training program for high school teachers. Instruction is based on the core tenets of journalism and the skills needed to produce top-notch online student journalism. Topics include: reporting, writing, editing, multimedia, layout and design, opinion, journalistic credibility, ethics and responsibilities and business-side skills. First Amendment matters, privacy and the state of youth press freedoms are also key topics.
  • my.hsj.org Journalism Partnerships

    News organizations that commit to mentor a local high school to start or improve student news outlets can help the school receive a grant of up to $2,000 for classroom hardware/software. Applications for the following academic year are accepted from newspapers in late spring.
  • MCT Campus High School Newspaper Service

    In an exclusive arrangement with us, the McClatchy/Tribune Campus wire service is offered to high school newspapers. Content may be utilized in the student newspaper (online or on paper) and in journalism classes. ASNE charges a one-time application fee of $100 to cover some of its basic administrative costs.