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business reporter: A reporter that focuses on business-related beats, sometimes assigned by industry or company.

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Copy editing for diversity. From The Poynter Institute.

Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma provides tips for covering children and trauma, disaster, domestic violence, homicide, post traumatic stress disorder, sexual violence, suicide, tragic anniversaries, veterans and war.

DiversityInc. Style Guide.

Diversity Tip Sheet: Putting diversity to work in your news organization.

Fault Lines: Cultural diversity training in the workplace. Lessons on race, class, gender, generation and geography. From the Maynard Institute.

Hero or Victim: Not the Only Choices. Writing about people with disabilities. The Poynter Institute.

Media Guide to Islam. By the Center for Integration and Improvement of Journalism at San Francisco State University.

National Association of Black Journalists style listings:

National Centeron Disability & Journalism style guide:

National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association:

Native American Journalists Association. 100 questions, 500 nations.

Pew Research Center:

South Asian Journalists Association. Covering South Asia and the South Asian Diaspora.

The Authentic Voice Teacher’s guide: The What and Why of Diversity. Diversity is inclusion and covering the under-coveredandmitigating bias and prejudice.

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The Great Divide: Female Leadership in U.S. Newsrooms. It’s a 2002 study, but is still worth a look. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the report.

The Newsroom Diversity Game. Maynard Institute. An online interactive exercise that challenges players to diversify a typical newsroom, while testing their basic knowledge of cultures.