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Know Your J-Jargon

iPhone: Apple’s smart phone has sold more than 50 million units worldwide since it launched in 2007. The first smartphone to introduce multitouch screen capability, it is considered in the same vertical as Google’s Android and the Blackberry. The critical mass of iPhones, along with Apple’s pre-existing iTunes infrastructure, allowed Apple to launch the first truly robust marketplace for mobile applications.

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Basic skills

See our collection of teaching tips for more information on basic journalism.

Ink-on-paper design

Story design, step by step
A former editor, designer an columnist who now consults on print an online design and has written a book on newspaper design and a journalism text.

Interviewing and reporting

Basics of Conducting Interviews for News Stories
Keys: Basic factual information, perspective and context on the topic being discussed, direct quotes, ideas on how to approach the story, names and contact information of other people to interview.

Guidelines for reporting
A brief but thorough look at the interview and reporting process, including tips about dealing with the interviwee.

Interviewing lesson plans on this site
Ways to teach it in your classroom.

Interviewing “real people”.

Tips for Taking Good Notes
Many beginning reporters complain that they can never take down everything a source says in an interview. Here are some tips.

News writing and copy editing

On this site

Ways to teach the subject in your classroom.


Teaching tips on forming a student publication

10 tips to edit with the goals of consistency, clarity and accuracy
Steve Row shares ideas on editing content so it can be as good as it can be.

15 tips on news writing for young journalists
Steve Row applies his real-world reporting experience to students with these practical tips.
Offers resources for editing professors, students and working professionals to help strengthen the craft of editing and support the work of editors.

How to write for online publications
A New York Times primer.

Mr. Rewrite
Spelling, grammar and usage tips served with a dash of humor.

Newsroom 101
Exercises in grammar, usage and Associated Press style.

Regret the error
Mistakes happen. A running collection of corrections run by publications.

The editor’s desk
Writing and editing, with an emphasis on the newspaper copy desk.

Tips For Basic Broadcast Newswriting
Keep it short and to the point.

Words at Work
A blog by a longtime copy editor who treasures language.

You don’t say
Former Baltimore Sun Copy Chief John McIntyre writes about language, journalism, and arbitrarily chosen topics.

News topics

9 areas you must cover on a school media outlet
Students should discuss the types of “local coverage” that are most meaningful to news consumers. In-school events only?  School sports? Clubs and causes? Greater town/city issues that affect the school population? Lighting the path to national and world events and trends that lead to a better informed school community?

28 tips for writing theater, movie and performance reviews
A thorough, but brief collection of tips for the aspiring reviewer

Death of a student
From teachers who attended the 2010 Reynolds High School Journalism Institute at Arizona State University.

Tips from the National Scholastic Press Association:


Fairness as an Essential Ingredient in News Reporting
A look at awards for fairness from the Nieman Foundation and what it reveals about this journalistic tenet.

Looks at reporting, writing, designing, phtography and more are available at the site, which is maintained by a journalism professor. Designed for teachers, there's plenty on journalism skills and issues.

The elements of journalism
There are nine elements of journalism, according to two veteran journalists.

Unraveling a story
Sometimes it's hard to know where to get started when a story seems to have so many elements. Here's how to approach stories like that.