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data visualization: A growing area of content creation in which information is represented graphically and often interactively. This can be used for subjects as diverse as an analysis of a speech by the president and the popularity of baby names over time. While it has deep roots in academia, data visualization has begun to emerge on content sites as a way to handle the masses of data that are being made public, often by government. Data visualization helps 1) tell a story, 2) allow users to ask their own questions and 3) start conversations. Hacks/Hackers Survival Glossary.

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HS/Teen news organizations

Across the nation there are youth news organizations and journalists worth noticing. Youth-generated content fosters news literacy and creates a sense of community.

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The best student news sites are created via Click here for the online form or here for a PDF version. You might win in our "Got News? Get Clicks" contest if you generate enough visits. We send cash each month to the school with the most.