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10 reasons to take your news online with

Ten reasons to take your news online with

  1. Students are attached to their cell phones and laptops. News has to be delivered on their terms.
  2. Hosting is free on, a site that cares about journalism. There are commercial Web hosts as well, but expect the payments and fees and lack of support to add up.
  3. To maintain independence, a student news site should not be hosted on a school or school district server.
  4. Schools that exercise control over student media content and host it on school district servers can be held legally responsible for what is published there.
  5. does not exercise censorship, prior review or prior restraint. We urge journalistic judgment and common sense. For example, a profanity filter might highlight a word to prompt student journalists to consider if there's a good journalistic reason to use it. That's your decision and there's educational value involved in that process.
  6. We are aggressive in fighting off potential hackers to and respond quickly to any technical concerns you have through a toll-free support line (866-475-6654)or e-mail (
  7. Posting online means posting audio and video. And endless space for color pictures.
  8. Past editions are electronically archived. Not stuck in a cabinet and eventually tossed out.
  9. Just because you go online, don't expect people to find you. provides you with a marketing campaign that will drive traffic to your site.
  10. We are constantly improving ease of use, designs, multimedia features, RSS and digital delivery.

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