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Know Your J-Jargon

investigative reporter: An individual who reports information that has been concealed, such as evidence of wrongdoing.

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Reynolds HSJ Institute

The Reynolds High School Journalism Institute is a competitive and intense two-week journalism training program for high school teachers and staffers. Instruction is based on the core tenets of journalism and the skills needed to produce top-notch youth news online.  Applications for Summer 2013 are now available!

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ASNE's is a free Web-hosting service for school news organizations.

We supply the Web space and an easy to use content management system. You supply the content — stories, photos, video and more. No HTML or coding skills needed. And it looks great!

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The service offers professional journalists' stories, photos, graphics, illustrations and web content — material from daily newspapers and MCT's own journalists — to high school news organizations. College news organizations play hundreds of dollars a year for this service.

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Got news? Get clicks! contest gives out CASH PRIZES every month to the five school media organizations that we host online that generate the highest monthly traffic to their sites between the beginning of the month and the end of the month.

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We seek to establish partnerships between news organizations and individual high schools or school districts. The immediate goal is to create high school media outlets where they don't currently exist or dramatically improve existing ones. Partnerships are initiated by a news organization, which seeks out a school in its community to mentor.

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