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desk assistant: Entry-level position in television news rooms. Desk assistants handle routine news assignments such as monitoring wire services and listening to police scanners. News Reporting & Writing (Eighth Edition) by the Missouri Group. Copyright 2005. Reproduced by permission of Bedford/St. Martins.

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Teaching Tips

We are collecting tips from high school newspaper advisers nationwide on how to run student publications and deal with the issues from administrators, students and parents.

Credibility check questionnaire

When The Triangle news magazine is distributed at Columbus (Ind.) North High School, student journalists deliver a “credibility check” questionnaire to sources:

Name of source___________

Thank you for providing valuable information in this issue of The Triangle. Attached is a copy of the story in which you are quoted. Please read through the story and answer the following questions. Return this sheet to room 177 or Mrs. Kim Green's mailbox in the main office. When reading the story, please remember that your quote may have been edited for grammar or length.


Your feedback will help us make sure we remain a credible news magazine. Your comments are very important to us!


Writer's name ________

Story title _________

Page number ________   Issue number ______


Yes     No    Was your name spelled correctly?

Yes     No    Were you identified correctly (grade, title, position)?

Yes     No    Did the writer seem well-prepared?

Yes     No    Were you quoted in the correct context?

Yes     No    Were your statements quoted correctly?

Yes     No    Would you feel comfortable being contacted as a source again?


Please feel free to add any comments, suggestions or concerns. Use the back of this paper if necessary.


Your signature_______________