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Tip sheet assignment

Tip Sheet assignment

By June Cavarretta of Dundee-Crown High School in Carpentersville, Ill.

Students are responsible for turning in a ‘Tip Sheet’ each Friday.

  • They must find a story from one of our area newspapers (we are served by two metro and four regionals).
  • On a pink Tip sheet, they briefly summarize the article, identify its kind (news, feature, editorial, etc.) and suggest ways to localize the story for our newspaper.
  • These are kept in a 3-ring binder which, in addition to our Future Book, students can peruse for ideas.
  • Students get points for each tip sheet they turn in, and I award additional points if the tip is actually used by another student. This encourages students to take more time in finding their articles and generating thoughtful angles for our paper.
  • In addition to reading articles, I encourage them to also look at news brief (particularly those on studies that relate to teen-agers and their lives) as well as photos, headlines, sidebars and infographics. I want them to discover that ideas are everywhere!