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graphic artist: An individual who creates non-photographic illustrations in a newspaper, including information graphics, maps and illustrations.

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We are collecting tips from high school newspaper advisers nationwide on how to run student publications and deal with the issues from administrators, students and parents.

New Student/8th Grade Newspaper Story List

Each year, beginning students in the journalism program at La Cueva High School, Albuquerque, N.M., work to produce a special edition of the school newspaper for our incoming eighth grade students. The issue itself is a learning lab for journalism students who write all the stories, take (or find) all the photos, write the captions and headlines, design the ads, and do the layout using PageMaker. .

Administration pays for the printing of the paper, which usually is eight pages tabloid size. The paper is printed and given to all eighth graders who will be at our high school next fall. Extra copies are left at the reception desk for parents and new students to pick up.

Stories/ Topics That Might Be Covered

  • clubs and organizations
  • lunch – what's available, what it costs, where to find it (we are a closed campus)
  • counseling services
  • credits – how to figure out a credit and your GPA, how many credits are needed for graduation, etc.
  • athletics and how to get involved
  • student government and freshman class elections
  • social events – homecoming, winter ball, etc.
  • tips and interviews with teachers on ways to succeed
  • personal columns and editorials on topics of interest to new students summer school information
  • registration procedures
  • what to wear, school dress codes, etc.
  • attendance rules and procedures
  • lockers – how to get one, getting a lock, what to keep in them
  • safety and security tips
  • parking rules and availability
  • myth vs. reality – stories about the school and whether they're true or not (Yes we have an elevator, but only for handicapped students; No, we do not have a Burger King)

Other Items Included

  • photos of various sports, student leaders, administrators
  • photo polls
  • "What I Wish I Knew as Freshman", for example editorial cartoons
  • map of the school (graphic)
  • ads for various school groups. We offer these on a first-come, first-serve basis to any school club or organization until we reach our limit, usually 8-10 ads, 5" wide by 4" tall. Students design the ads to the specs of the individual groups.
  • staff box, crediting the journalism students with their work:

— Pat Graff
La Cueva High School
Albuquerque, N.M.