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Know Your J-Jargon

tickler: A file of upcoming events kept on paper or computer at the assignment desks of most news organizations. See also futures file. News Reporting & Writing (Eighth Edition) by the Missouri Group. Copyright 2005. Reproduced by permission of Bedford/St. Martins.

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Teaching Tips

We are collecting tips from high school newspaper advisers nationwide on how to run student publications and deal with the issues from administrators, students and parents.

It’s important for both the students and the teachers to have written policies in place.

Writing newspaper policies

Teachers attending the 2001 ASNE High School Institute at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, discussed newspaper policies with John Bowen, adviser of The Lakewood Times at Lakewood High School in Lakewood, Ohio; Bowen is Scholastic Press Rights Commission chair for the Journalism Education Association. They determined that good newspaper policies should cover these key elements:

  • Purpose and roles of your publication
  • The publication’s status as a forum for student expression
  • Prior review and restraint
  • Issues of responsibility, liability, freedom and decision making
  • Protected versus unprotected speech
  • Roles of adviser and students
  • Access to and use of the Internet
  • Handling letters, photo manipulation, death reporting
  • Advertising