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A feed of news and blogs about photography and videography.

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The Digital Journalist > Welcome
The Digital Journalist > Gail Mooney Covers Platypus Workshop at NAB 2010
The Digital Journalist > NAB 2010: The Year of the 5D, 7D, 1D, 3D, iPad and GoPro
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A Photo Editor > News Of A Possible Sale Of Time Inc
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b-roll.net > soft boxes
b-roll.net > soft boxes
b-roll.net > soft boxes
b-roll.net > soft boxes
b-roll.net > Best small handheld camcorder
Lens Blog > Pictures of the Day: Bahrain and Elsewhere
A Photo Editor > Reader Question: All Rights Contract
A Photo Editor > We were attracted to the weirdness of stock photography
Lens Blog > Knowing That Fly on the Wall
The Big Picture > Carnival 2013
Lens Blog > Pictures of the Day: Vatican City and Elsewhere
The Big Picture > Snowstorm dumps on Northeast
White House News Photographers > TIffen Software Newsletter: February 2013 Upcoming News and Events Expo Hours March 11, 10:00am -…
White House News Photographers > Addition to Stills winners list
White House News Photographers > WHNPA press release-Still photography contest PDF:…
White House News Photographers > If you’d like to download the full list, here’s a PDF of the Still Contest winners
The Big Picture > Lunar New Year
The Big Picture > Tea Time
The Big Picture > Daily Life: January 2013
The Visual Student > Emerging Talent – Ian Bates
The Visual Student > Building Strong Work and a Stronger Community
Cyndy Green’s VideoJournalism > Those who make the rules…
Cyndy Green’s VideoJournalism > Either I’m damn good or…
PhotoJournalism > OPFOR Reunion
Cyndy Green’s VideoJournalism > Battling the modern mindset…
Cyndy Green’s VideoJournalism > Choosing a camera 4.0…
The Visual Student > NPPA General Counsel Mickey H. Osterreicher on the Importance of the Glik and Alvarez Cases
The Visual Student > Top Five Photojournalism Stories of 2012
PhotoJournalism > Chichen Itza
PhotoJournalism > Gabbie’s senior portraits
Magnum in Motion > Bongo Fever
The Visual Student > Student Clip Contest Points Winners
PhotoJournalism > Grand Canyon at sunset
PhotoJournalism > Las Vegas
Robb Montgomery > 15 best iPad apps for teaching multimedia and real-time reporting
Magnum in Motion > Free Nowrooz
Magnum in Motion > Tsunami Streetwalk 2, Kamaishi
Magnum in Motion > Tsunami Streetwalk 1, Kesennuma
Magnum in Motion > Las Vegas & Reno
News Videographer > Videographer job at University of Texas System
Robb Montgomery > Sneak peek of the S.M.A.R.T. newsroom: Photos and 3D images
News Videographer > Seminar on your legal issues for photographers
Robb Montgomery > Steve Jobs: 1995-2011 – A Visual Obituary
News Videographer > Funny satire of news video style
News Videographer > Court reverses settlement for freelance writers
News Videographer > Who’s a “journalist” under shield laws?
Robb Montgomery > Video: Egypt’s Faceless Revolution – The director’s cut
Robb Montgomery > Using Storify to track the media crackdown in Egypt