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sports editor: A person who supervises sports coverage for a newspaper.

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Nieman Journalism Lab > This Week in Review: Jonah Lehrer’s lucrative apology, and two differing hyperlocal strategies
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Nieman Journalism Lab > The newsonomics of zero and The New York Times
Instructify > TechTerms: A Dictionary
MediaShift > E-Books and Self-Publishing Roundup, February 14, 2013
MediaShift > Daily Must Reads, February 14, 2013
10,000 Words: Where journalism and tech > The Problem With the Old Media and New Media Debate
C3 > Social media workshop for the Farmington Daily Times
Nieman Journalism Lab > Press Publish 6: Rick Edmonds of Poynter on paywalls, print days, and the economics of newspapers
10,000 Words: Where journalism and tech > Pitchfork’s Ryan Schreiber to Bloggers: ‘Be willing to work for a long period of time for just the love of it’
10,000 Words: Where journalism and tech > How Different News Orgs and Websites Covered The State Of The Union Address
WeMedia > Reinventing news with a Bang
CyberJournalist > First Knight News Challenge of 2013 on Open Gov launches
CyberJournalist > Reactor Labs Launches Winston News Reader App
CyberJournalist > ‘New York Times’ Finally Closes World’s Most Obvious Hole in Paywall
CyberJournalist > Microsoft again wants to be a content creator
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C3 > Check Inside Thunderdome post on Digital First teamwork
10,000 Words: Where journalism and tech > Rev3?s Adam Sessler Discusses the Ethics of Review Journalism
Instructify > Mobile Device Integration
C3 > Valentine’s engagement winner: The Saratogian and The Crazy Things We Do for Love
Teaching Online Journalism > The future, and journalism education
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WeMedia > As news cathedrals fall, an unfinished architecture
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Personal Technology > Surface Pro: Hefty Tablet Is a Laptop Lightweight
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Knight Digital Media > Unleash your inner data geek
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Knight Digital Media > Citizen Video: A Primer for Reporters
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