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ASNE and KRT provide news service for high school newspapers

Feb. 10, 2004

RESTON, Va. – The American Society of Newspaper Editors and Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services have teamed up to dramatically improve the resources available to scholastic journalism.

KRT Campus, a national wire service utilized by more than 300 college newspapers, is now available for high school newspapers and for classroom use. KRT is a joint venture of Knight Ridder and Tribune Co.

Through an exclusive arrangement with ASNE, KRT Campus is offering stories, photos, graphics, illustrations and Web content to high school newspapers. This content may be utilized in the school paper, school newspaper Web site and in journalism class work.

ASNE is charging a one-time application fee of $50 to cover its administrative costs and will send each school three journalism publications. There are no annual fees or other charges.

“This represents an enormous commitment on the part of two major media organizations to the next diverse generation of journalists,” said Peter K. Bhatia, president of ASNE and executive editor of The Oregonian, Portland. “Their partnership with ASNE brings a world of news and information to teens.”

Every week, KRT Campus provides about 125 news and feature stories, 20 story packages, five news graphics and four feature graphics, eight editorial cartoons, special Web content, plus horoscopes, crosswords and comics. In addition, there are many images and stories in the archives.

“At KRT we are so pleased to be able to offer tomorrow’s editors the chance to work today with the great writing from our more than 50 contributors, along with top quality photos, graphics and other visuals,” said Jane Scholz, KRT editor. “Combined with the cartoons, comics and puzzles from Tribune Media Services, this makes a great package for school papers.”

KRT Campus is available to hundreds of college newspapers for an annual fee that is based on how often they publish. KRT Campus is one of several KRT product lines that serve more than 1,000 newspapers, TV stations and other information companies.

“This new content not only enriches fledgling journalists who are learning the craft by working on their school newspapers, but their readers as well,” said Jeffrey D. Cohen, chair of ASNE’s High School Journalism Committee and editor of the Houston Chronicle. The materials offered by KRT Campus are meant to supplement, not supplant, the work of student journalists.

Interested schools may get more information and download an application at:

ASNE, founded in 1922, is the principal organization of the top editors of daily newspapers throughout the Americas. Its High School Journalism Initiative, launched in 2000, is funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

The ASNE project has four other major components:

  • www.highschooljournalism.org: A comprehensive Web site for students interested in journalism, their teachers/advisers, guidance counselors and newspaper editors.
  • my.highschooljournalism.org: Online high school newspaper hosting that does not require special computer programs – content is cut and paste. Middle and elementary school newspapers are hosted on my.schooljournalism.org. A one-time registration fee of $25 covers the cost of journalism materials sent to the school. The hosting service is free.
  • ASNE High School Journalism Institute: An expenses-paid, intensive two-week journalism-training program for high school teachers held at universities around the country. Every summer, at least 140 high school newspaper advisers will earn at least three graduate credits in journalism. Tuition, transportation, housing, meals and materials are covered through ASNE.
  • ASNE Journalism Partnerships: Daily newspapers seek out local high schools to mentor and jointly submit an application to ASNE in the spring to launch or improve a student newspaper. Funding of up to $5,000 is available for computer hardware and software, digital cameras and other material.

About KRT

Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services (KRT) is a news and features content service partnership between Tribune Company and Knight Ridder. KRT provides news stories, photos, print and animated news and features graphics, illustrations, caricatures, paginated news and feature products, and material for young readers to news organizations in the U.S. and internationally. With contributions from more than 50 U.S. newspapers and its own staff in the United States and Europe, KRT features appear in more than 600 newspapers worldwide with a daily circulation of more than 80 million. KRT is also a major provider of content to leading online services and to broadcast stations in all major North American TV markets. For more information about KRT and its products and services, visit http://www.krtdirect.com.

KRT is marketed worldwide by Tribune Media Services, a leading provider of information and entertainment products to newspapers and electronic media. Tribune Media Services International, a Tribune Media Services company, represents KRT internationally.

For more information, contact:

Diana Mitsu Klos
ASNE Senior Project Director/Reston, Va.

Kristy Bremer
Director of Media Relations
Tribune Media Services/Los Angeles