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Janet Harrington
Business teacher and newspaper adviser
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Lesson Plans

Check It Out on the Web

Check It Out on the Web

Janet Harrington of Eisenhower High School in Lawton, Okla.

Janet Harrington
Eisenhower High School
Lawton, Okla.

Title:Check It Out on the Web

Description of School and Students

This unit will be taught to 10th-12th grade newspaper students in a 6A high school in Oklahoma. The school enrollment is approximately 1,300 students made up of Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, Native American and Asian. The class size is small with about 15 students, mostly females.

Overview and Rationale

This unit will give the students information about the Web. They will be learning how to successfully use a search engine and how to put their newspaper online. They will research other online high school publications and prepare an informative proposal for the administration.


After thorough research, students will submit a proposal to the administration recommending that we link our newspaper to the school Web site.

Generative Topic

  • Create a well-written proposal to the administration requesting permission to take parts of our newspaper and go online.

Generative Objects

  • Online high school newspapers
  • Search Engine exercise
  • InfoPeople Search Tools Chart
Understanding Goals
  • Essential Questions
    • What does an online newspaper consist of?
    • What are some different ways that we can put our paper online?
    • Why is it important to learn how to search for information on the Web?
    • Would our student body be more likely to read an online publication?
  • Critical Engagement Questions
    • How would our school benefit from an online publication?
    • How can we assure the administration that the student names and pictures have been approved?
    • What might be the reasons the administration does not want us to go online?
    • How can we alleviate their fear of something going wrong?

This unit is to help the newspaper staff at Eisenhower High School devise a plan to put The Patriot online and submit to the administration for their approval. The staff will research the pros and cons, develop a plan of implementation, and give a general design of the online paper we wish to create.


Activity 1

  • Have students look at high school publications online. The students will write down things they like and do not like on each site.
  • The class will discuss their findings together and note similar likes and dislikes.

Activity 2

  • The students will learn how to use a search engine by completing the Search Engine Exercise.
  • Students will use the InfoPeople Search Tools Chart to find the best search engine to locate the information to create their proposal.
  • Students will search various Web sites to find any information pertaining to high school online publications.

Activity 3

  • The students will each write their own proposal to the administration, focusing on the benefits of an online publication.

Activity 4

  • The students will each share their proposals and findings with the class. The class will discuss the points that are valid and need to be in the final draft. The students will compile all their proposals into one final copy and submit for approval.

Activity 5

  • The editorial board will submit their online publication proposal to the administration.


Students will be assessed on the completion of the above activities. They will be assessed on their participation in the class discussions. They will be assessed on their individual proposal and their ability to work toward creating one final proposal.

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