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Terri Loveland
English teacher/newspaper adviser
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Lesson Plans

Teens Do Spend Money

Teens Do Spend Money

Terri Loveland of Forest Park High School in Woodbridge, Va.

Terri Loveland
Forest Park High School
Woodbridge, Va.

Title: Teens Do Spend Money!


While ads aim to reach as wide an audience as possible, many are directed to a specific public and make appeals designed to make that group respond by purchasing the item advertised.

This is especially true of school newspapers, which are read by young people who have enormous buying power. To be successful, advertising in school newspapers must be aimed directly at teenagers and emphasize their interests.

Long-Term Objective

To increase the revenue earned from selling ads.

Short-Term Objective

To increase student’s awareness and knowledge of the tremendous spending power of teens.

Materials Needed

Computers with Internet access, paper and pencils


  • Put student in small groups of three or four and ask students write down and discuss the amount of discretionary money they spend weekly/monthly.
  • Send groups to the computer and have them go to:
    http://www.ecrm-online.com/Expose/V4_10/Hittting.htm and read the article, "Hitting a New Target." Students should take notes of the most important points in the article.
  • After groups have finished, the class should come together and discuss their findings. The focus should be directed to how the information in the article can influence which businesses they should target to sell ads.


For homework, each student will find five businesses that could advertise in the school newspaper that would interest the teenage market. They should design an ad for one of the businesses they have listed that would entice a teen to go to that business.

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