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The Everett McGlinn interview: An exercise in (a sometimes frustrating) reality

Olaina Anderson of Torrey Pines High School in San Diego.

Olaina Anderson
Torrey Pines High School
San Diego

Title: The Everett McGlinn interview: An exercise in (a sometimes frustrating) reality


To give students interviewing/note-taking practice for writing an interview feature story without in preparation for going on a real interview.


  • Choose one volunteer from the class to play the part of the interviewer.
  • Tell the class that they will have to take notes on the interview so they can write a story after hearing it. Do not give them a copy of the script yet! (Do not tell them they will get one later—make them sweat/do their best to get it all written down)
  • Role-play the interview with the student in front of the class. As you play Everett McGlinn, use an accent, give the interviewer a little bit of a hard time, don’t just read the script.
  • After acting, thank the student volunteer and let him/her return to his/her regular seat.
  • Ask the class how they did. (They will be quite frustrated/entertained/dismayed.) Point out how difficult it is to take do an interview, encourage them to practice note taking during all classes, give them the script so they can write the story.
  • Assign the story to be written for homework.


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