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Lesson Plans

Organizing and Grading the Advanced Journalism Staff

Leona Marie Guthrie of Reagan High School in San Antonio.

Leona Marie Guthrie
Reagan High School
San Antonio

Title:  Organizing and Grading the Advanced Journalism Staff (Yearbook and Newspaper)


  • Students will learn to become accountable for their learning.
  • Students will learn organization is critical in all aspects of life.
  • Students will learn to become team players.


  • Each student receives a folder with his name written on it upon entering classroom. 
  • In the beginning of the week, the student receives a weekly calendar. 
  • The student places the weekly calendar along with copies of all tangible work inside the file management folder. 
  • Any work not tangible (i.e. errands) the student writes on the weekly calendar.
  • At the end of each class, the student hands the file back to the teacher upon leaving the class. This indicates the student has come back to the class in the event he has had to leave for journalism purposes like interviewing or advertising sales.
  • At the end of the week, the student adds up his points based on his calendar. The teacher reviews this work and indicates any extra points or discrepencies at this time.
  • During the last week of the grading period, students compile the calendars and work. (For my purposes chronological filing works best. We go by six weeks so each division maintains the copies of work they did for one six weeks.)
  • Students again calculate their total points on a point system handout.
  • Students write a friendly letter indicating what grade they believe they should make and why based on their calendars’ indication of their work and their point system handout.
  • Individual Conferences are essential for each student at both the mid term and final week of the grading period.


The student’s final portfolio

Supplies Needed:

  • File Management Folders (This can be color coordinated for different classes)
  • Portfolios (plastic sealable accordian file with dividers work nicely)
  • Weekly Calendars
  • Point system handout
  • Point system evaluation

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