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Juaquana Stewart
English teacher
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Lesson Plans

Shorter is Better!

Shorter is Better!

Juaquana Stewart of Kennedy High School in New Orleans.

Juaquana C. Stewart
Kennedy High School
New Orleans

Title: Shorter is better!

Objective: Students will understand how to shorten a story and include all the facts, and represent a story visually.


Students will

    • Know how to identify important facts
    • How to keep reader’s attention
    • Find a theme and focus in a newstory
    • Determine the most important information in a newstory

Time: One class period (This activity may be used as a cooperative grouping assignment.)


  • Each student will receive a news story (of doing in a group, each group will receive a news story)
  • Students must read the story and complete the 5W and H chart. Students must give the who? what? when? where? and How?
  • Students will turn the story into a comic strip. The dialogue in the comic strip must include the 5W and H. Students are only allowed to draw 3 squares. The comic strip must tell the focus of the story and include all the newsworthy information. Each square must focus on a facts and the theme/Assessment


Students will be evaluated on creativity and inclusion of the 5W and H handout. Students will also be assessed on how they included the important facts, theme and focus, and how information is displayed. Also, on the use of grammar, usage, and punctuation in dialogue boxes.

Materials: colored pencils, markers, pencils, strips of paper (8 1/2 x 11 paper folded in half vertically) a 5W and H chart.

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