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Future Now Archive

We have asked dozens of journalists at the top of their profession to explain what they do and how they got there. Here is a collection of our conversations with them, sorted by department.

  • future of journalism
    • 20 Questions A Journalist Should Ask About Poll Results
      Two polling experts give 20 questions journalists should ask about polls.
    • Adam Westbrook
      For a new generation of journalists, the ongoing journalism revolution spells opportunity. Adam Westbrook, a free-lance journalist from London, explains exactly how.
    • Brian Stelter
      Changes are forcing colleges and universities to rethink what a journalism education should look like.
    • Digital and Media Literacy: A Plan of Action
      How do we give students knowledge and critical thinking skills to sort through their daily information tidal wave in our media-saturated world?
    • Ian Bogost
      Professor Ian Bogost of Georgia Tech says that journalism is hardly dying; in fact, it’s possible that it couldn’t be killed. The idea of informing and educating a public, such that they can make independent decisions, is something that is so endemic of a democracy, that we would have to take down the democracy to kill it. Instead, what’s changing is the way that we communicate with one another.”
    • Journalism: English for the 21st Century
      Freedom sells: Palo Alto High School’s student journalism program is so successful because they have true freedom of the press and can write about issues of importance to them.
    • Journalist and scholar
      Journalist and scholar Dan Gillmor tells how he would run a journalism school in today’s media environment.
    • Steve Buttry
      Steve Buttry, Information Content Conductor at Gazette Communications in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, explains how to break and gather news on Twitter.
    • The journalism future is here and now in our classrooms
      2009’s National High School Journalism Teacher of the Year Paul Kandell of Palo Alto (Calif.) High School discusses journalism’s future.
  • journalism’s future
    • What’s The Point Of Journalism School, Anyway?
      Thinking about majoring in journalism in college? What will you learn? With the news industry in transition, is journalism a sustainable career path? And is it worth the large financial investment for your parents? This report by NPR explores the challenges and potential rewards of becoming a professional journalist.