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Lesson plans on this site about photography
Lots of high-school centric photography lesson plans you can use and alter.

Photojournalism and videography feed

An  feed of news and blogs exploring the issues of photojournalism and videography. Take a look at it here or by clicking on the orange RSS feed button above ( (it's a little RSS image in Safari)) to sign up. You can also see a Web version of it at this link. Click here for the feeds included.

The National Press Photographers Association Code of Ethics gives guidance to photojournalists on issues unique to them and those that all journalists share.

Documenting the president
A look at how U.S. presidents have been photographed since the first — James K. Polk in 1849.

Digital photography basics.
Topics include depth of field, focal length, white balance, shutter speed, exposure and ISO.

Hot tips for writing photo captions.
Photo captions are an integral part of news storytelling, but they are often the most underdeveloped element in the mix of words, graphics, and photographs.

Kodak's tips for photographers

Top 10 tips for great pictures.

Top 10 tips for camera phone pictures.

Photographing people.

Learn more about cameras from the Knight Digital Media Center:

An overview
Each camera comes with different prices points and advantages (single lens reflex, advanced point-and-shoot, consumer point-and-shoot). This covers the key differences and some buying guides to purchasing them.

An overview of digital still cameras
This tutorial looks specifically at the Canon PowerShot G1, G5, Pro1 and Rebel XT, but covers principles of digital photography in general.

How to use a Canon Rebel
The camera caters to a wide audience by including automatic options for beginners as well as highly customizable settings for professionals.


Photographer's Guide to Privacy
Includes state-by-state regulations.

Storing digital photos
A brief look at how digital photos are stored, how much memory they take up and the major ways they are compressed.

Tips for using a point and shoot camera
Have a Canon SD900 or Fuji F30? Don't be envious of most photographers with an SLR. Why? Your camera is light and compact, you probably have about as good a lens as he/she does, he/she is using the pop-up flash on his camera as his primary light (you won't after reading this tutorial), your camera probably has a better system for combining light from the flash with ambient light.

Tips on how to use Nikon SLRs
A tutorial for Nikon's D-series single lens reflex cameras.