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Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada-Reno Senior Ethics Statement:

Graduates of the Reynolds School of Journalism, in all forms of media, professional practice and scholarship, uphold the highest level of integrity. Journalistic integrity includes the responsibility to strive for and obtain the truth, as well as to be honest, accurate and objective.

As a graduate of the Reynolds School of Journalism, I will uphold and apply the highest standards of integrity and ethics. This includes helping other by minimizing harm and showing compassion. As a graduate of the Reynolds School of Journalism, I will act independently and be accountable for my actions.

By signing below, I agree, to the best of my ability, to adhere to the highest ethical standards as taught and endorsed by the Reynolds School of Journalism.

Does your middle or high school news organization have a code of ethics? We’d like to post it here. Please send it to us at Be sure to include name of publication/news site, name of school, city and state. Also note when the document was last updated.