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Know Your J-Jargon

executive producer: The television executive with overall responsibility for the look of the television newscast. News Reporting & Writing (Eighth Edition) by the Missouri Group. Copyright 2005. Reproduced by permission of Bedford/St. Martins.

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Student press rights

On this site

We have posted lesson plans and teaching tips on this subject, as well. Check them out.

3 things that damage the credibility of youth journalism

Administrators would not think of planning the chemistry teacher’s lessons or calling the plays for the football coach. Yet routinely they ask for prior review and prior restraint of student media.

5 things administrators and counselors can do to nurture good journalism

Good journalism is nurtured by advisers and administrators who care. Here are some key guidelines that will help an adminstrator or counselor avoid potential minefields before they happen.

14 questions for principals to consider when dealing with student journalists

The principal is an important element in establishing a positive climate for scholastic journalism. Evaluate your attitudes and practices by answering these questions.

First Amendment glossary

Definitions of terms related to the First Amendment.

Lesson plans

In addition to our lesson plans on this site, the First Amendment Center offers lesson plans, as well.

Model policy

The Journalism Education Association’s Press Rights Commission offers a model high school media editorial policy:

Protocol for Free & Responsible Student News Media

Developed in 2010, the protocol aims to help student journalists and school administrators build relationships that will foster responsible and free student news media in schools.