Journalism 101

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Know Your J-Jargon

publisher: The top-ranking executive of a newspaper. This title often is assumed by the owner, although chains sometimes designate as publisher the top local executive. News Reporting & Writing (Eighth Edition) by the Missouri Group. Copyright 2005. Reproduced by permission of Bedford/St. Martins.

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Everyday ethics

A collection of ethics tips and links for you to use in your scholastic journalism career.

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Student journalists’ rights

How to work with your principal. Why it is educationally important school officials support the First Amendment and free expression rights of students? How do you establish a positive climate for scholastic journalism? We have some checklists that can help you navigate these questions.

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Basic skills

Here are the basic skills of journalism. From writing to reporting, here is what you need to get started.

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A complete report is an authentic report. Here are some resouces and tips on inclusion and diversity.

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Photography is as much a part of storytelling as writing is. These links and resources will help you improve and learn more about photojournalism.

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Electronic journalism

Resources and tutorials to help you navigate the world of electronic journalism, both video and online.

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Journalism terms

Ever wonder what those words mean? Here are definitions of some of the most common terms in the news business. Let us know if you want others defined!

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Professional journalism groups

There are dozens of professsional journalism organizations. We have compiled a list here for your convenience.

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Teen news sections

A listing of news organizations with teen sections online.

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Principal’s Guide

The Quill and Scroll Society of the University of Iowa presents the Principal's Guide to Scholastic Journalism as an effort to help principals understand the value of journalism programs in their respective schools and to determine what their roles should be in helping to develop, maintain and support these programs. To download it, click here (PDF, 425K).