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Know Your J-Jargon

iframe: An HTML tag that allows for one web page to be wholly included inside another; it is a popular way to create embeddable interactive features. Iframes are usually constructed via JavaScript as a way around web browsers’ security features, which try to prevent JavaScript on one page from quickly talking to JavaScript on an external page. Many security breaches have been designed using iframes. Hacks/Hackers Survival Glossary.

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Program Applications


This is the master application page for the programs run by the ASNE High School Journalism Initiative.

Pick the program you’re applying for. IF YOU KNOW your Teacher Code, fill it in below. If you don’t, just hit next.

Fill in the application on the following page. Once you submit it, you will be taken to summary screens showing what you are submitting. Finally, you will be taken to a ticket page. PRINT AND MAKE A COPY OF THAT TICKET.

To complete your application process, sign the ticket, send a check or contact us for credit card payment, and send a paper, if required. (If you need a W-9 form, please click here.) We will send you reminders every two weeks until you send everything we need.

Handwriting is sometimes hard to read, but if you wish, download a PDF of the form in question, fill it out by hand and mail it in. Links to those are here.

What program are you applying for?