Hopeful Holidays: Tough times force families to seek simpler alternatives
*A student’s name in this article has been changed at her request. It is no secret that the economic downturn has affected many in Arapahoe’s community. Between foreclosures, evictions, unemployment,
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Suicide awareness and prevention has become an important issue for Arapahoe students and staff. Students, teachers and the administration are making it a priority to create a welcoming and open atmosp
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Drug war hits close to home for AHS senior: Student speaks out about family tragedy and the horrors of the Mexican drug war
When senior Gabriel Harmon woke up the morning of Oct. 26, he wasn’t expecting the drug war in Mexico to affect him. Hundreds of miles away, it wasn’t a reality in his day-to-day life. He went to scho
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When Arapahoe senior Connor Venrick was seven years old his mom signed him up to take a gymnastics class for the first time. When she did so, she simply thought it would be a good way for Connor to ha
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Students! Finals are quickly approaching and can be a hassle to many. For some, this may be a stressful time of year, while for others it is a challenge to show what you have learned thus far. No matt
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Question: What is a sport? Answer: A sport is a hobby that somebody enjoys participating in. It’s an activity that involves competition. It requires strength, agility, practice, performance and heart
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Christmas time is here again, and for many this means sweet aromas, gift shopping and tons of other feel-good activities. But for some, the most important aspect of the holidays is the large man who k
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You’re sitting at your desk waiting for the teacher to hand back last week’s test. With sweaty palms and irregular breathing, you just might be about to black out. Though you studied for hours, questi
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Abortion isn’t what anyone wants, even those people who are pro-choice. Period. No one can deny that. However, there are exceptions to every situation. What if the mother’s life is in dang
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While sleigh-bells ring, holiday lights glow in the sky and snow lightly dusts the ground, nothing sounds better than to snuggle up and watch a feel-good winter movie. While Christmas, Hanukkah and Kw
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