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Google AdWords: Google's text-based flagship advertising product, which provides the lion's share of the company revenue. Ads are displayed on Google's own sites based on search terms that users type in, and advertisers pay only when the users click on them. The search terms, called keywords, are purchased by advertisers; availability of a given keyword is based in part on an auction system, and in part on the responsiveness of the audience. Hacks/Hackers Survival Glossary.

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Lesson Plans

Activity #2

By Sarah Platanitis


Activity #2 - The Story Behind the Photo

  1. Groups will look at photo essays by James Nachtwey about Afghanistan, AIDS, Deeds of War, Romania, Bosnia, South Africa, Famines, Kosovo, Industrial Pollution, Crime and Punishment, Pakistan, Heroin, Rwanda, India, Chechnya, Israel, Indonesia, or 9-11-01. Start looking here: http://www.jamesnachtwey.com/ Continue looking on the internet and in the library. If you are stuck, consider the photographic organizations, exhibitions, and awards that Nachtwey has received during his career.
  2. Each group will present on a different photo essay. We will do this by picking photo essay topics out of a hat. Each group will choose three photographs, learn the essential information behind them, and present them to the class.
  3. Remember to answer the question to the 5 W’s, include one quote about the photo essay from Nachtwey, and properly document sources used for the presentation.
  4. Grading Rubics:
    a. Three photos from a Nachtwey photo essay.
    b. Answers to the 5 W’s for each of the three photos.
    c. Quote from Nachtwey about that particular photo essay.
    d. Proper documentation for sources used.