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The Eagle Era Site is Up and Running!

Lelan Fernando
Eagle Era
Fremont, Calif.

October 4, 2011

On October 11, American's own online newspaper will be launching- initiating the start of a new electronic era for the school.
The online website will be available to the public (on-campus and nationwide) to connect the students of American in a public forum that is more accessible than popular networking sites like Facebook. Journalism advisor Ms. Johnson stated, "It provides up-to-the-minute news and provides a better forum for our students to demonstrate their writing ability." In previous years, American High's newspaper would be distributed near the end of every month. "Last year, for Spirit Week, the newspaper came in a long time after the events had already happened, so it didn't really help," said Chief Justice of ASB Daniel Nguyen.
With the online site, news on AHS events can now be reported in a timely manner, making the articles more relevant to the students for which they are written. Also, "comment" and "blog" sections of the site allow students more direct contact and give them a broader spectrum of participating in the journalism department. "Before, the newspaper would only be distributed to third period classes, but now parents and the rest of the community can read about what's happening. [The interactive site] is great because students can write commentaries and letters to the editors, and even give suggestions for future stories..." said Ms. Johnson. 
Along with the online availability, a paper newspaper will also be printed, containing feature articles and stories. This will allow students an opportunity to enjoy relevant news or entertaining "Spare Time" stories all in a timely manner. On the goals of the upgraded journalism program, Ms. Johnson stated, "I hope that it will provide access to a wider group of people and that they will become more involved with the school."


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