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Have you been to 5 Wits at Patriot's Palce yet?! -

                                        5 WITS
                                        @ Patriot's Place

                                         by Sabrina Beach

Are you looking for a fun place to go on a weekend with your family?  Well, consider going to 5Wits.  5 Wits contains two role-playing adventure games that you enter and find clues to uncover the mystery.  The two games are Espionage and Twenty-thousand Leagues Under the Sea. 

Espionage is a spy game where you break into a company that is stealing your ideas.  Twenty-thousand Leagues is when you stumble upon a submarine that goes into Captain Nemo’s ship.  The purpose of these games  is to educate you about things that you don’t usually think about. In both games there are multiple rooms and there  is also music that fits the theme of the game. Also you have a tour guide that leads you through both games.  In both games  it starts out as a normal everyday thing like going to a rug shop or a museum. Then something happens. 

If you want to find out what happens go to Patriot’s Place in Foxboro and play one of the games. It's a lot of FUN!!!

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6/7/2013 11:39:06 PM by Sabrina    
I would recommend Twenty-Thousand Leagues, I am not training to be a spy. Though, I am sneaky sometimes...
5/10/2013 1:21:23 PM by Ms. Herrmann    
If you had to recommend only one of the games, which one would you play? Are you training to become a professional spy??? Let me know because I might hire you in the future to spy on some people for me!!! Nice work Sabrina!
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