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Review: Modern Vampires of the CIty
The band Vampire Weekend has topped the charts again with their new album. -
The band called Vampire Weekend came out with a hit new album on May 13 called Modern Vampires of the City. The band will be coming to the United States to perform during the summer. This well-known band has high hopes to reach the top of the billboards by summer with this album.

This band isn’t like every other band because they have a lead singer, a drummer, and even a bassist player. The music isn’t just one genre. It has many complex aspects like indie with a hint of pop. They use prominent musicians of history to influence their art such as the Beatles, Elvis, and most importantly Paul Simon. The band is reaching an age of maturity with their third album. The band rocks the stage with lyrics that hit the meaning of life in the city. The album has 12 amazing songs that are completely different than anything they have ever done before. Their songs such as “Hannah Hunt” or “Bicycle” have meaning and even soul. Modern singers have had more trouble attracting a large audience, but this album has already began to sky rocket.

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