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Student Speakout: Vote “No” on Issue 2
Issue 2 started off being known as Senate Bill 5. Our Governor, John Kasich, created this bill, which is mainly reducing collective bargaining rights for all Ohio public workers. This goes for teachers, police officers, firemen, and city workers. There been rallies; broadcasting on TV, and even people walking around neighborhoods raising awareness of this issue to have people vote “NO” on issue 2. I myself have gone to two rallies in support of my mom as a teacher and an union worker, and also friends and family members working for the city or even working under the union.

Unions know they are a target of Issue 2, because of their focus on collective bargaining over benefits, wages, working conditions, and representing their members if the management attacks their contract. As the unions are targeted, it only makes them try harder to let people know about the insanity that is being aroused by the bill, thus have a better chance of the bill not passing November.

Issue 2 not only affects the public workers, but also student. If teachers being let go, then there are less teachers, meaning more students per class. Say there are now 30 kids a class instead of 20, then student are possibly not getting the best education that they can possibly get. With more students in each class, there is not as easy of a way to get or even provide the special one on one time needed to help the education level of the students.It also affect student that are thing about studying to be a teacher, or police officer, or a firemen, etc. If those occupations in the industry are not doing well because of this issue, then student are going to have start careers that they might not necessarily enjoy doing. These teachers, firefighters, and policemen help make up the middle class, so if a lot of them were laid off then they would not have money to go to small businesses, which in the long run could cause those businesses to go away.

I have had people say to me that Issue 2 does not affect them, but yet they are working under the unions So if they got laid off, would they admit that it was because of Issue 2? Their spouse even goes with what they say, but yet they are a teacher’s aid. If thier teach got let go, then they would automatically be out of a job too. That doesn’t affect them? I believe their words were “I believe in my governor.” Yeah, you believe in him until you’re out of a job. Even then they would probably have anoth reason why what happened, happened.

Being around my Mom, and seeing what she does, and how she handles this has really helped me understand the topic as a whole. The other side being; Issue 2 allows us to reclaim our schools, there are better health care and retirement benefits for governmenr officials, and it allows us to respect our tax payers. Wopdeeeeeeeeeeeee-dooooooooooooo!!!! Whooooooo cares? Better retirement? Well what about the people that don’t even get to retire because they got let go because Issue 2 passed?

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