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Do you continuously write poems and stories? Does your creative juices stir around in your brain so much that you want to share your creations with everyone in sight? Then the Creative Writing club is for you.

The members of the writing club get together in a virtual classroom several times a month. Here they share poems, stories, and sometimes songs over the microphone so the entire audience of club members can hear.

At times there are weekly challenges assigned by the club leaders. For example, one might include a short video of pictures and music played for the members. Their challenge is then to write a poem or story based on the video’s influence to the viewer. The literature could be fiction or non-fiction based on how they were effected by the content given. Another example of a challenge is where the club picks a story, like “Cinderella” and has to come up with a different ending. Then there is “open-mic” week where students may share any literature they have written previously, as long as it is decent.

At times special speakers are asked to attend a club meeting. Last year, the Creative Writing club was honored to have well- known author of the Phantom Stallion series, Terri Farley. She talked a little about her past and the path she took to become the great author she is today. At the end, Mrs. Farley accepted questions from students. Each club meeting is recorded, if students cannot attend they can view the discussion later.

Near the second half of the school year, the club creates an anthology, a collection of writings from the students put together in a small booklet published for the whole school to read. The student authors can also submit pictures to go along with their works, if desired. A competition was held for the cover illustration or photo that was to be used for the 2008-09 anthology.

OHVA English teacher Kelly Booth is one of the several teachers who started this champion club for young writers. If you are interested in joining this amazing club, go to the big thinK site to find the most recent meeting schedule. You should also attend your homeroom session to hear the most announcements about the Creative Writing club.

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10/20/2009 1:53:55 PM by Zoe P.   
Great story, Rachael! I remember those challenges you mentioned, they were great! I think this club is the best!!! I love the support we find in each other for our writings! The challenges are always fun and interesting! I think anyone with even the tiniest interest in writing should atleast look into the club! Can't wait for the new year of CWC to kick off!!
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