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    Everyday after school boys and girls can be found breaking in front of H3 with their music bumping and checkered floor mat. Doing moves dealing with their heads on the floor and their legs in the air that reels in a crowd of admirers. Why so passionate about a dance you can sprain your neck with? Their motivation and skills impresses every onlooker. This sort of club/group has been around Carson for a while and it’s just getting bigger since finally getting an advisor, Spanish teacher, George Deur.
    Getting into the art of breaking takes time. It’s a complex skill which needs the determination and passion. What exactly made these young adults have the passion for breaking?
Senior, Ryan Falloran said, “My cousin inspired me because ever since I was 5, he would be b-boying.”
 Although that may not always be the case. Senior, Matt-Earl Batinga found it to take his mind off stressful events and ever since he began to b-boy, he was able to do more and join more.
 The thing that motivates these two seniors’ the most, is the competition with other crews and friends. To have the glorious moments of “oohs” and “ahhs” can make any breaker satisfied of showing people what he can do.
    This group of teenagers helps each other. They’re each other’s motivation. Speaking to one of their newbies, it showed the sportsmanship between one another. They are always there to push one another. “My friends are always pushing me to do better, even though I’m a newbie.”, said sophomore Neiron Penalba.
 Whether you’re good at breaking or not they have each other’s motivations. They’re a very welcoming group who allows anyone to break with them. They have no problem with teaching people the basics and helping them become a better breaker.
    Although you may see this as only a hobby, this group of boys will continue to b-boy in the future. Asking them the simple question, “Do you see yourself b-boying in the future?” they had no hesitation to say ‘yes’.  After watching them perform a bit, you can see their real dedication to this street dance. They’re always willing to help new people and teach the art of breaking. So, if you ever want to join them, go in front of H3 at nutrition, lunch or even afterschool, because you may miss an opportunity of friendships and passion for this dance called breaking.

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