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Many spend sleepless nights working on gaining the advantage over classmates and competitors. It’s what they have been working for over their academic careers and what they will be working with for the rest of their lives.
The winning ways of senior swimmer Zachary Stephens are not handed to him from his coach or parents. He puts in those tough hours each day to obtain the success he has received and will continue to strive for something better when he dives into Rolfs Aquatic Center at Notre Dame University.
Like Stephens, seniors Mackenzie Yordy and Courtney Sabo have also won themselves countless awards as well. Their creativity and attention to detail landed them recognitions through their technological advancements in design and layout making.
Remington Weigle secured a state tournament birth for the first time in his high school career as a senior focusing on making an impact on the struggling wrestling team. After gaining weight only to have to slim down later, his focus and strive to punch his ticket to Hershey allowed him to achieve just that.
National Merit Scholar Rachel Boy has earned tops academic honors through the PSATs taken in the fall.
But while awards add something to strive for and provide achievement when it seems the work being put in isn’t worth the stress and exhaustion, not all students have such a direct path to their success. Kids in the musical may never grace Broadway, but their on stage talents will surely pay off in other ways. Confidence, poise and teamwork have been sharpened throughout the many practices, work days and rehearsals.
Their passion and devotion to succeed in their work, whether it be sports, academics or hobbies is perhaps the greatest award found within and can only be measured by themselves.

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