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The Masque, another popular Dayton area club. - ClubMasque

Do you enjoy the club scene? Are you the type who is always on the hunt for something new? Then look no further because I have found the next big thing.

I was met at the door by a very intimidating bouncer. This is to be expected, but the ingenuity of this club goes a step farther. Bouncers on wheels. He asked me for my card, which of course I “forgot,” but with some clever wordplay, I managed to get myself in the door. This is a big deal, given the fact that most people can’t get in to this club until they are already married with children. The styling of the place was a simplistic modern/warehouse look. The simplicity of the design was an excellent contrast to everything that was going on out on the floor.  Staff members bustled around in their matching blue vests, a true statement of fashion. The electronics of the club were all up to date; huge TVs lined the walls displaying thrilling scenes from all the latest films. I explored the club hoping to run into the owner and namesake, Sam, to interview him and learn more about his truly awe-inspiring club. Instead of finding Sam, I found extraordinary hors d’oeuvre stations filled with delicacies such as mozzarella sticks, fruit juice, and buffalo wings that would make even Gordon Ramsey cry tears of jubilation.

With food on the mind, I made my way over to the dining portion of the club. Although crowded, the area welcomed me in; the blissful aromas filled my nostrils in a way I could have never imagined. As I made my way up to the counter, I felt the anticipation welling up inside me. The choice was clear: one hot-dog, paired perfectly with a Cherry Coke. Truly a match made in heaven. The hard bun and lukewarm hot-dog was a fresh take on an old favorite. Words truly could not describe the overwhelming emotions that rushed over me with the second bite. It was as good, if not better than the first bite. The following swallow of coke only increased my level of satisfaction. The only thing that could have made that moment better was… well, there really wasn’t anything that could have made that any better. As I walked out the door back into the crisp night, I thought to myself, “I can’t wait to go back to Sam’s Club again soon.”

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