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Photojournalism's Path to My Future
This camera is the window into blogger Consuelo Esters' future career ~ photojournalism. - Courtesy Google Images

I’ve always known Journalism was a field that I was interested in, but I didn’t know it going to appeal to me the way it has. I had even considered majoring in journalism in college, but after taking my first journalism class, my path to my future is clearer.

Photography has always been a draw for me. Since I'm not very talented with my hands, the camera was my pathway into the world of art. My love for photography grew and grew, but I always knew something was missing until this year.  Now, I finally realize there is a career that encompasses exactly what I'm devoted to: photojournalism, which is "the art or practice of communicating news by photographs, esp. in magazines."

Being able to communicate with the world through photographs and videos is the perfect vision for my future.  Imagine being able to take a photograph that the whole world would stop and stare at.  Imagine taking a picture where everyone knows exactly what you’re trying to portray without a single word.  Words are important, but capturing a story with a picture can make all the difference. 

Everyone says “a picture is worth a thousand words” and that saying really makes sense. We live in a generation that wants everything at the touch of their hands. For teens, if a story doesn’t catch their attention within a few moments, they will lose interest and trying to recapture that interest will be even more challenging. Pictures can capture teens’ interests.

This year has highlighted my college and career path. Journalism has taught me how to write much more effectively and prepares me for other classes that require tedious writing skills. I’ll never regret taking this class as it has prepared me for my future and defined my future as well.

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