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Students have grown accustomed to running the pacer over the years. But on Jan. 30, Principal Kristel Barr joined them in the test. “Ms. Craig asked me,” Ms. Barr laughs. “I do think that it is a good idea to try and be a role model for kids and do the things that we expect them to do.” This is the first time that an administrator has joined students in running the pacer, which is a test that measures fitness with running. Students are required to run from one side of the gym to the other inbetween beeps. t was understandable that Ms. Barr had her doubts. But luckily she only had to do a practice one. During the test Ms. Barr kept up with the surrounding students and finished the whole test. “I have had a workout, but I did it so I am really proud about that,” Ms. Barr said. And this pride was reflected by the students who ran with her. Senior Justin Madsen knew that she would succeed from the beginning. “It shows that she is committed to all aspects of our school, not just education but fitness,” Madsen said. In regards to having Ms. Barr as a guest runner, Physical Education teachers Craig Lewis and Denise Craig were more than happy to have her. “It makes us as P.E teachers happy because we’ve got a leader in the school coming down showing that it is important to stay in shape,” Mr. Lewis said. After Ms. Barr was done it seemed that all the students were impressed. She was surrounded by cheers and high fives from students. The reactions were so positive that Mr. Lewis would welcome any administrators that are willing to come down and participate with the students. He challenges them to take the actual test “to see how hard our kids work.” ]>
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