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Do the students at Mojave High School prefer the new six period schedules over block schedule? Has having the six periods affected the student’s grades in any way? Alicia Macniel, Grade 11, Female- “I prefer the block schedule because we used to be able to do our homework every other day. We had our homework day schedule broken down and now I feel like since every day we have the same classes that we don’t learn as much. It’s more of a rush to get homework done now instead of understanding the concept.” Alicia says, “The new schedule has affected my grades in a bad way.” Devon Rodgers, Grade 11, Male -“I like the block schedule better because we had more time in our classes and homework was more paced than rushed.” Devon also says, “The new schedule hasn’t affected my grades, but it did affect my stress level.” Andrew Robotham, Grade 11, Male- “I like block schedule better because we were able to earn more credits and it was less stressful and we had more time to do work.” Andrew also says, “The schedule hasn’t really affected my grades, but it is now harder to keep my grades up, especially as an athlete.” Libby Gutierrez, Grade 12, Female-“I don’t like the new schedule, but it keeps me constantly worried about government every day. At least with block schedules we had a little more time to do our work.” Libby also says, “No I don’t think the schedule has affected my grades. It’s actually kind of, sort of helping me stay on track.” Devon Turner, Grade 11, Male- “I like a 6 class schedule, because it feels like my classes go by faster. I also like block schedule in some ways because right now I feel like I’m overloading my brain.” Devon also says, “My grades are kind of bad now because we get homework every day in every class and sometimes I forget what I have to do. Angelica Escano, Grade 12, Female- “I like the new schedule because all the classes are only an hour.” Angelica also says, “The schedule hasn’t really affected my grades, because most of my classes are all class work.”   ]>
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