The Snakebite <![CDATA[The Snakebite]> en-us Copyright 2008 - All Rights Reserved. Mon, 30 Nov 2009 00:41:47 GMT 15 <![CDATA[Lady Rattlers Spiked Again]> By Tiffany Daugherty
    To be on a sports team for any high school is an accomplishment to be proud of. The 2009-2010 Lady Rattlers Volleyball for Mojave High School have improved this season.      Janelle Dodds, sophomore, Varsity player said, “The team has worked together in an outstanding manner. There has been great improvement throughout the team. Communication and teamwork have helped us throughout this far.”      The Lady Rattlers put in 2 ½ hours every day they don’t have a game throughout the week. This season the Rattlers only have two coaches; Coach Davis, and Coach Grayson as opposed to past season when they had three. “Although it may seem difficult to only have two coaches it isn’t. Both advisors set-up a practice schedule to where each team is helped and coached” Ms. Dodds mentioned.       The Lady Rattlers won one game this season against the Cheyenne Desert Shields.  “Our weakness is playing as individuals in the games. We are encouraging each other and keeping our heads held high on the court when we are losing," said junior Mackenzie Hart.       Janelle Dodds said “The schools that we have played are very competitive and focused.”      The Lady Rattlers went on to complete the season with a record of 1-9, failing to gain a position in the playoffs this year. ]>
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