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Although some of you might cringe at the very idea homework during your summer vacation, but there are some you that are jumping for joy to hear that k12 has just released information about its new summer school option. This is a very big deal because it conveniently gives students the option to re-take courses that they might have previously failed. Since the curriculum is directly from K12, students will be fully familiar with navigating the course. The counseling team at OHVA sent out an announcement on 4/20/2011 “highly encouraging you to check out summer school programs to make up credits in the course that you have failed.” The announcement went on to say that failing a course can impact your progress towards graduation, and  if you have failed a course, you will need to make this course up at some point in your high school career to graduate on time.

This summer school is national and has credit recovery courses that use fresh content and new approaches to teach "unlearned" concepts, and let students move past material they've already mastered. Plus, most are ELL (English language learner) supported. The summer school includes such subjects as Algebra I, Biology, U.S. History, or Literary Analysis & Composition I, and many more. The offer also includes elective courses like Game Design, Personal Finance, C++ Programming, Skills for Health, and Web Design just to name a few.

This is not only an option for students that have failed courses, but also for those who want to get ahead and earn their credits faster by working during the summer. As many of you already know, K12 offers a wide variety of online courses that are not only comprehensive, but also engaging and flexible to your needs and the Summer school appears to be no exception. The courses range from high school options—including credit recovery, original-credit, and elective courses—to world language courses for grades 3–12, delivered through the award-winning powerspeak K¹² Foreign Language School. It is possible for first time enrollers to save up to 15% when purchasing courses, whether or not this discount applies to students already enrolled in the school is uncertain.

In an Extra Summer Offer, it is possible to get $500 off an “immersive language experience”. K12 has teamed up with the Middlebury-Monterey Language Academy (MMLA) to offer you $500 off the cost of summer tuition. MMLA gives students in grades 8–12 the chance to dramatically improve their language proficiency in just one summer month. The program combines the world-renowned, full-immersion methods of Middlebury College with individual attention, small class sizes, and cultural activities at eight college locations across the U.S. To receive your special $500 savings, enter promo code MMLAK12 in the coupon field of the MMLA online application.

In all, the summer school offers 18 credit recovery and 57 original-credit courses throughout the season. These summer school courses are full versions of the regular courses, that are –to quote K12, just “specially paced over a shorter, more intensive period of time.” This means that the summer courses are scheduled over eight weeks if they're regularly two semesters, and four weeks if they're one semester. Teacher support is included in the high school courses, however I have talked to some teachers and this seems to be news to them. So it is possible that they may be getting a little surprise this semester perhaps….

It's also an option for all world language offerings. All K12 courses are currently meeting or exceeding state and national standards. The first K¹² Summer School session begins June 6, so it would be a good idea to start browsing the courses now so you can enroll early. Courses start at 45$. Click here to browse the courses. For more information about the summer school you can talk to a Summer School specialist by calling 866.529.0167, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 9 PM (ET). Some other summer school options sent out by the counseling team at OHVA are included below:

Penn Foster –


Blueprint Education –


Ashworth College –


Keystone –


Morning Star –


Connections Academy –




Buckeye Online School For Success –


American School –

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