Like most kids her age, senior Mackenzie Yordy spends the majority of her time tinkering with electronics. But unlike others, Yordy has won many awards and praise for her tinkering.
As well as being a part the highly successful robotics team, Yordy has been recognized for her own personal talents. She participated in the 2011 PETE&C; (Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo & Conference), designed the robot Axium and helped rebuild Executor.
Not everyday consists of sparks and explosions. “Basically you have to be good with computers for the designing process,” says Yordy, whose interest in robotics has matured since a young age. “I actually watched Battlebots on TV when I was eight,” says Yordy. After meeting with industrial technology teacher Kirk Marshall for a career day, Yordy discovered her true passion. Soon after stumbling upon the robotics team that Yordy did not know existed, she joined the team and has since positively represented the group.

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