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Tie guy: Science teacher Craig Bonnington charms students with his novelty ties featuring recombinant DNA, pumpkins and TV characters. He hypothesizes that his students enjoy them. He’s been testing his hypothesis for 34 years. - Ariana Dadashzadehzanjani

Science teacher Craig Bonnington has a crazy collection that catches everyone’s eye. He collects ties, which he often wears to school. He says he often gets complimented on his outrageous ties and is known for having the best holiday ones. One third of his 50 ties are Christmas ties, which he takes great pride in.

His wife and fellow teacher, Patricia Bonnington, has contributed to his collection and says, "It’s funny because his collection started off slowly. He used to have a few, then over the years it just took off with the whole family. It is just his trademark."


Here’s what the tie collector has to say:


When did you start collecting ties?

I started collecting ties when I started teaching, which was about 34 years ago.


Where do you get your ties?

I get my ties from all around the country, places like New York and (the) Mall of America. My wife and kids have gotten most of them for me when they travel. They tend to bring home ones science-related because I am a science teacher.


What are your top three favorite ties out of all of them?

My top three favorite ties are the "I Love Lucy" one, the M&M one and the one with DNA.


Why do you wear them?

They perk my students’ interest, especially when I’m teaching about a certain topic. DNA for example; they indentify the DNA and point out how it even splits at the end.


Do you wear bow ties, too?

No I don’t think I’ve worn a bow tie in years.


Do you wear ties outside of school?

Not really, only at church.


Do you have any other collections?

Not really, I do like antiques a lot though, so you could count that.


Where do you keep your ties?

In my closet. They kind of spill over. They never make a big enough tie rack for me.


What are some comments that you have gotten about your ties?

I have a student that always asks me if she could buy them off of me, and I always get the question who bought them for me.


Any other ties you wish to have?

I really want to collect all of the Detroit sports team ties. As of now, I only have the Detroit Tigers one, and a (University of Michigan) tie.


Good luck with that.


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5/24/2011 9:49:02 AM by Jade Ulmer    
Wow! that's cool..
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