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The artist formerly known as Freddy Krueger. - creativecommons

The movie business has had a share of some rebellious actors and actresses, who for some reason, don't want to appear in their films sequels. Terrence Howard in Iron Man 2, instead he was replaced with Don Cheadle. Robert Englund didn't return for the new Nightmare on Elm Street. Katie Holmes did the same with the New Batman installments. Rachelle Lefevre was also recast in the “Twilight” series.

This is caused when an actor or actress is fired, "underpaid", or feels uncomfortable with the cast or crew. Unfortunately, this makes viewers dislike the next film installments, mainly because an actor sets the standard for their character. It messes everything up when someone else takes over. Think of it like your room. If you had it perfectly the way you wanted it, you wouldn't want someone messing with it. However, you may like the change. Some of the recasting is better for the audience, cast, and crew's sanity.

Personally, I don't like recasting. It messes with my head and doesn't make sense as to who they are. However, if I were to like it or not mind it, it would be because it gives the character new depth and something new and potentially better than what it was before. It still doesn't take out the fact that I liked the first previous person who was playing that character. What really irritates me is when the new actor or actress doesn't even look like the original character. It's like a totally different person altogether. This ruins the movie for me.

It's unavoidable and out of every fan's hands. You can learn to cope with the new cast or just choose not to and suffer.

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