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Sir Paul has done it again! Paul McCartney follows up his 2007 hit record, Memory Almost Full, with his newest edition, Kisses on the Bottom. Kisses on the Bottom is a collection of songs from what he calls the “Great American Songbook”.  Through this album, McCartney was able to relive his childhood. In an interview with journalist Robert Hilburt, he reminisces about his father playing these select songs on the piano. His strongest memories from his childhood were of his father playing on New Year’s Eve. Kisses on the Bottom includes guest musicians including Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, and jazz artist Diana Krall. Paul reunites with Stevie Wonder for the first time, since having created their hit song, “Ebony and Ivory”. Eric Clapton has also worked alongside McCartney and performed together at a memorial concert for Paul’s fellow Beatle, George Harrison. Diana Krall, however, was a new acquaintance. She and her band perform on this album and McCartney describes working with them as a pleasant experience. He found that Diana Krall was familiar with the songs from this era and had a great passion for them, making capturing his vision easy. Paul McCartney has produce twenty plus studio albums since leaving the Beatles, both with his band Wings and on his own.

            The prerelease single for Kisses on the Bottom is a song entitled “My Valentine”. The song captures the classic, old fashion medley that McCartney was aiming for. “My Valentine” is one of the two songs on the album that are original Paul McCartney compositions. When I first heard this song, I could imagine it being played in a lounge type area, complete with a tuxedo, slicked back hair, an old fashion microphone, and dim lighting everywhere but on the performer. “My Valentine” is sung at a leisurely pace and is complimented by the skillful guitar playing of Eric Clapton. I found this song to be refreshing. The sound is completely different from anything that is heard today. It’s also a different sounding love song for McCartney. It is much slower, less up beat, and even has more of a serious tone than most of McCartney’s work. I see this change as a positive one and find that it exemplifies McCartney’s skill as an artist and musician. I see this new album as the start of a new chapter of his new life, as he has just recently remarried, but also keeping his past very much alive at the same time.

            Even though McCartney has expressed his concerns to Robert Hilburt about this album being perceived as too similar to Rob Stewart’s Great American Songbook album, I think the album will do well. Paul McCartney appeals to both mature and young audiences and I feel that will benefit the album. More mature audiences will have fun reminiscing, while younger generations will be able to explore songwriting from way before their time. Kisses on the Bottom will be released on February 7th, make sure to look for the upcoming review of the entire album. Not every song on the record may be his own, but with the Paul McCartney touch, one can expect the album to be spectacular.

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