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? GBHS alumni Brandon Mamone was chosen by the GBHS booster club to paint a mural as a tribute to the GBHS soccer team - Sarah Bertin
Thanks to recent funding from the Granite Bay soccer boosters program, soccer is getting a new bear. On the wall separating the swimming pool from the soccer field,  GBHS graduate Brandon Mamone has painted a Grizzly Bear.
   President of the boys soccer team’s booster club, John Howarth, had decided that one way to encourage school spirit for the team was to paint a bear like the football team already has.
   “We decided there were several projects we wanted to do on behalf of the district club,” Howarth said. “One was the painting. The reasoning was to support and promote boys and girls soccer.”
   Mamone was selected by the GBHS Booster Club to design and draw a bear on the western wall of the soccer field. 
   Through inspection of Mamone’s art work, the Booster Club picked him as the artist, and is pleased with the outcome of the project.
   “He was creative, and he brought his own creative flair to the project,” Howarth said. “We are happy with that. That is what we were looking for, for him to take his own artistic ability into the painting.”
   Due to Mamone’s adoration for painting, he was able to use his own ideas and apply them for a more creative result in the end.
   This love for the arts did not come instantaneously though.
   “I’ve been painting since I was very young,” Mamone said. “I just really love color and love to combine colors to make works of art.”
   While attending GBHS, he was a student of Myron Stephen’s art class.
   Yet classes are not the only thing that makes a painter significant, a unique style and a distinctive motivation are just as important.
   “My inspiration is the natural beauty around me,” Mamone said. “That, to me, is the true masterpiece.”
   His paintings gave him a lot of recognition throughout the students and parents.
   Mamone said he is currently attending Sierra College and thinks the mural gave him an opportunity to reveal his talent.
   “I’m doing the mural because it seemed like a good way to let the community know that I am a painter and will do commissions,” Mamone said.
   However, Mamone’s bear is not exactly like the one for the football team. Instead of a 2-dimensional cartoon bear, he added his own style to his art work making the bear more realistic and jumping through the wall.
   “I am really excited (about the finished product),” Mamone said. “It’s a really awesome opportunity to make an everlasting mark on my old high school. Not many get to do that.”
   To many students and parents, this mural is a way to emphasize that the soccer team is an extremely good team, and allows for a bit of recognition for them.
   “It’s cool that they are doing a mural because football has a bunch of them on the side of the weight room,” varsity boys soccer player said Lucas Shorer, said. “It’s nice that another sport has something artistic done for them because it feels like the attention is always on football.”
   But boys varsity soccer coach Steve Fischer said he believes it will do more than just focus attention on another sport other than football.
   “I think it will give a sense of pride and history to our program,” Fischer said. “There have been many memorable teams over the years, and it will be nice for them to have a legacy.  It also gives our current teams something to live up to.”

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