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Fimage? What’s fimage?
   Student government is glad you asked – or hopes you’ll ask, based on posters recently put up around campus.
   “Fimage” means fear of your image. Student government decided to address the issue when many students on campus cared too much about what others thought.
   This focus is new for student government. As they can’t measure the success of the fimage campaign, the goal for the first year is to get the term out there through the media, posters, buttons, etc.
   Student government doesn’t expect the campaign to have an immediate effect on GBHS students. What they hope to do is to provoke students into thinking about how they’re living and what their mindsets are.
   “If you think about (fimage), and you think about just improving it that’s (what we hope to achieve),” GBHS senior ASB vice-president Nashmiyeh Ali said. “That’s the thing with most kids at this school. They don’t even know that (fimage) is a problem, and if we can get them to realize it, that will be enough.”
   Student government teacher Tamara Givens said she feels that, while the campaign is a great idea and could be extremely helpful around campus, putting a plan into action has proven difficult for student government because they have had to refocus some ideas.
    “We came back from the retreat and had these great big ideas but then came back and haven’t been able to put those ideas into a focused plan,” Givens said.
   Freshman Michelle Dupar said that she has recognized fimage as a problem on the GBHS campus and hopes this campaign might be able to do something to fix it.
   “Sometimes I think that if I dress or look a certain way people will think differently of me,” Dupar said. 

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   Other GBHS students feel the same way. “I think it’s a really good idea,” Hines said. “I think people really need to learn that fimage is something you need to work against and the fimage campaign really helps with that.”
   What is the cause of the fear of image on campus? Chalk it up to the “mean girl” effect. Students on campus who judge others and put people down are one reason fimage is such a prevailing issue at GBHS.
   Another is the cliques that students try to fit into, changing themselves into a cookie-cutter copy in the process.
   Student government feels that GBHS suffers from a major clique problem, said sophomore Wesley Finkemeier, a student government participant.
   “People are trying to fit in (and) they’re not being who they really are,” Finkemeier said.
   While GBHS is stellar academically and athletically, Ali said she believes there seems to be no sense of community, something the fimage campaign hopes to change.
   “If students choose to let fimage affect them, it can have a big impact on Granite Bay,” junior Elizabeth Schliessmann said. “If people get into it and don’t mock it, I think it will work.”
   Even if the campaign doesn’t have that big of an effect at first, if people just think about fimage then student government will achieve what it hoped to accomplish.   
   The next thing student government hopes to do to help promote the anti-fimage campaign is to sell bracelets at the student store for a dollar that say, “The Anti-Fimage Movement: Catch Yourself Being Yourself.”
   “We shouldn’t want to care that much about how we look and who we hang out with,” Ali said. “That shouldn’t be a big part of high school.”


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