The Viper Vibe Felix Varela Senior High School Miami, FL
Issue Date: Monday, June 03, 2013 Issue: Vol. 12 Issue 6 Last Update: Tuesday, June 04, 2013


Twitter account creates buzz
The most-loved animal on campus is no longer the viper - it’s a cat. Not just any of Varela’s trademark strays, but a unique, friendlier one that began making appearances in December 2012. As students took notice of the new addition, an anonymous twitter user created a parody account - @VarelaCat. The account has caught on quickly, providinc comic commentary on the everyday grind.

The Viper Vibe: What inspired you to create the @VarelaCat account?
@VarelaCat: While waiting in line to pay my fees, I noticed this “human-friendly” cat, and I thought it’d be a funny to make it a parody account. 
I wanted Felix Varela to be unified by something.

VV: What was the initial reaction? How quickly did it catch on?
@VC: The initial reaction was mostly, “wow, someone made a cat account.” Or “wow, that’s stupid.” 
I’d say that after about 2 weeks, it really gained popularity. In one night it gained about 70 followers, due to school gossip on Twitter.

VV: To your knowledge, have teachers and administrators become aware of the account?
@VC: know Mr. Gomez is a fan of the account. Other than that I’m not aware of anyone who knows.

VV: Any backlash? Negative reactions other than the initial “this sounds dumb?”
@VC: Well very few of my actual bestfriends are supportive.

VV: What’s your favorite thing to have come out of this?
@VC: That’s a tough one. 
I’d have to say just making people laugh. Anything the account has done to make people laugh is a good thing.

VV: Your Tweets make it pretty obvious you’re a senior. What do you plan to do with the account after June 3rd?
@VC: I’m still undecided. I’d like to hand it down to a junior, who’s becoming a senior.

VV: How would you choose that person?
@VC: Someone who’s funny and has good grammar. And a good sense of humor too.

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