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Connect With Other Students
In a virtual school like OHVA, students do not have the opportunity to see their friends and classmates on a daily basis. The people at K12 and OHVA know the importance of student interaction. Last year K12 launched The Big Think: a place for students across the K12 community to chat, share, and explore together.

The Big Think is divided into two big communities: the TeenThink and the big thinK @ OHVA HS. The TeenThink is further divided into many communities where students can connect. Here is the list of the different communities:
• the teen thinK Clubs
• the teen thinK POSITIVE THOUGHT of the DAY
• the teen thinK talks POLITICS
• the teen thinK talks MUSIC
• the teen thinK talks SPORTS
• the teen thinK talks MOVIES
• the teen thinK talks TV
• the teen thinK talks WRITING AND LITERATURE
• the teen thinK talks BELIEFS AND COMMUNITY
• the teen thinK talks FOOD AND CUISINE
• the teen thinK talks 9TH GRADE
• the teen thinK talks 10TH GRADE
• the teen thinK talks 11TH GRADE
• the teen thinK talks 12TH GRADE
• the teen thinK talks COLLEGE PREP
• the teen thinK talks JUST TO TALK
• thebigthink Enhances your Knowledge
o Arcade
• K12 Planet
Besides chatting with other students on various topics, there are also blogs, news articles, and student artwork to discover. In the TeenThink, there is a High School Staff blog and a Student blog. The High School Staff blog is written by many different staff members at K12 and the virtual schools. They offer tons of important and interesting information ranging from topics of “What to do after High School” to “Teen Violence and Celebrity” to “Social Networking and Virtual Learning.” The Student blog is written by four K12 students that come from different virtual schools. They write about their experiences in their virtual school, their hobbies, and just some of their thoughts. They have written about Pandora, go cart racing, optical illusions, the holidays, music, how to be successful in a virtual school, and much more.
The staff at the Big Think also posts news articles in the Must Read! section. These news articles particularly pertain to the interests of high school students. Some catching titles include “Student hopes to go from homeless to Harvard,” “Nielsen Debunks Myths On Teens And Media - They Still Watch TV!,” “Recession generation? Young adults brace for simpler lifestyle,” and “Girls worse at math? No way, new analysis shows.” These new articles come from a variety of online news sources but are available to you all at one place.
In addition to all the informational features listed, there is a variety of fun features. For a while, students would submit a favorite YouTube video, and one would be selected every week. After a while, that was changed to student photography, and then later, student artwork. There are also many fun polls to take, and some mind-boggling riddles to solve. The TeenThink has something to offer every student.
The big thinK @ OHVA HS is another wonderful place for students to connect with classmates solely from OHVA. There is a place here for students to create discussions about topics that interest only OHVA students, not the entire K12 community. Teachers and administrators post important information about upcoming events and deadlines. There is also a section where teachers post information about different clubs, including Art Spot, Book Clutch, Cardinal Chirp, Digital Filmmaking, Peer Mentoring, Service Club, Spanish Club, and more. The big thinK @ OHVA HS also contains a full listing of the staff at OHVA. You can also read a small bio on the teachers. All OHVA students should visit the site to remain updated on important school and club events.
The Big Think is a wonderful tool for students, teachers, and administrators to communicate and connect with one another. In the TeenThink students can meet other students who share similar interests or connect with other students taking their same classes to discuss the material or assignments. The big think @ OHVA HS provides a place for teachers and administrators to notify and communicate with the entire student body.
To access The Big Think, log into, then click on thebigthinK12 link and explore all of what OHVA and K12 has to offer.

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