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Journalism Points the Way to a Future
Senior Alex Newman poses in the days before graduation in front of BHS. Newman hopes to go to college and be involved with photograph someday. - Maria Balderas

    Ever since the first day of school I have learned many useful things in Journalism. For example I have learned the following: to make the images I photograph look interesting, to do angles, lighting, and shadows. Too, I have learned to write news stories, and I have learned how to create my own commercial, especially how much fun it is to go through each scene.

                Too, I have learned how difficult it is to get questions out of people you interview if you don’t ask them a certain way. Sometimes it feels like you are interrogating your interviewees. After experiencing Journalism all year though, what I’ve enjoyed the most is that I got to have fun with certain photography projects.

                I wouldn’t mind pursuing photography as a job. I would hope that I get to take pictures that everyone would find intriguing. That is what I have experienced in Journalism in my hopefully final year in high school.

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