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Movember: time to grow out your Novembeard!
November is the official home to elections, Veteran’s Day, and Thanksgiving, and unofficially the beginning of snowy winter weather and the first month of the Christmas season (for those few excited elves). But for over 12 years, it is also home to the beard season.

Created by a group of Australian men in 1999, Movember (moustache + November) promotes awareness for men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer. After registering on the official site, these unique men, aptly called Mo Bros, forgo their razors for the whole month of November, turning into a walking billboard for their important cause.

Seeming to fit the mold of a coffee-shop-folk-music-hero, these men fund the campaign by gathering sponsors, or simply donating their own sum of money. Having raised over 174 million dollars, the Movember cause donates funds to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, which funds research accelerating discoveries of better treatments and ultimately the cure for prostate cancer, Livestrong, which funds programs that addresses the needs of men’s cancer survivors (created by Lance Armstrong), and their own Movember Foundation, which uses money to raise funds for their awareness and education program (to increase understanding of the health risks that men face) and the Global Action Plan (to accelerate key outcomes in research by facilitating global collaboration projects).

This cause is truly unique and innovative. While raising awareness for a mens issue, women can also get involved. Called Mo Sistas, women can raise awareness just as a man could, just without sporting the facial hair. These women can get others involved, raise awareness to those around them, and raise funds for the cause.

Various companies are also getting involved, creating products that will also benefit Movember. Popular companies like Threadless and TOMS Shoes have created merchandise to allow others to also get involved with the movement. Smaller companies yet have created things like jewelry, cuff links, skateboard decks, biking equipment, hats, and apparel. There is also a free Movember iPhone app, allowing Bros and Sistas to always be in the loop.

Whether you call it Movember, or Novembeard, or No Shave November, consider the possibilities with this fun, exciting month for a simple cause, and think twice when you judge the grungy scruff on the men around you.

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