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sniff: The preliminary phase of an investigation. News Reporting & Writing (Eighth Edition) by the Missouri Group. Copyright 2005. Reproduced by permission of Bedford/St. Martins.

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MCT Campus High School News Service

To get started

To apply, go to this page. ASNE Foundation needs to receive from your high school:

  • The completed form/online ticket.
  • A school credit card or a school check for $100. We accept personal credit card or personal checks. Sorry, but we do not accept purchase orders (POs).
  • One copy of the most recent edition of your school newspaper (or URL if your newspaper is online). If you do not have paper, write "No paper yet" on the application.

My.hsj.org and McClatchy/Tribune Information Services have teamed up to offer a wire service to school school newspapers, news magazines, journalism classes and broadcasts that dramatically improves the resources available to teen journalists.

The MCT Campus High School News Service offers professional journalists' stories, photos, graphics, illustrations and Web content — material from daily newspapers and MCT's own journalists — to high school news organizations. College news organizations pay hundreds of dollars a year for this service.

Through an exclusive arrangement, MCT Campus is available for one-time application fee of $100 to ASNE Foundation. There are no other charges. There are no annual fees.

Search now

Type a search you'd like to do for an image. Remember: You're only going to find material from the last two weeks.

Click here for tips on using the service.

Every week, MCT Campus moves about 125 news and feature stories, 20 story packages, five news graphics and four feature graphics, eight editorial cartoons, special Web content, plus horoscopes, crosswords and comics.

Once you sign up, My.hsj.org will email to you a user guide that shows you how to properly credit copyrighted material that you publish.

If you have questions, contact us at support@asne.org.

This service is available to school newspapers, news magazines, journalism classes and broadcasts. MCT offers another service especially for yearbooks.

Schools signing up will have access to a moving two weeks' worth of material, which is updated constantly. The service is best suited for illustrating content that's in the news now.  You are not cut off the service after two weeks.  After two weeks, material goes into a paid archive. To avoid having to pay for the archive, you should check the wire at least once a week and download what you need now and might need in the future (in other words, build your own small library of photos, graphics, images, etc.)

More than 1,900 school news organizations have already signed up.

MCT does offer access beyond the two-week limit for a fee. The archives are administered for Tribune Media Services. For more information about paid access to the archives, contact Tony Regan at Tribune Media Services, campussales@mctinfoservices.com or at 866-280-5210.



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